ColorWe are having our house painted.  It’s been years since we did so I don’t remember the specifics I needed to know to have the work done.  I tell myself, being a makeup artist, I am very good with picking color.  But then again a house is much bigger than a face.  Last time I was dead on but this time I wanted something different.  Something more alive.  Something not like other homes I have seen in the neighborhood.  No, I didn’t go fire engine red but I did go a tad out of my comfort zone.

Color is a very strong word in so many ways.  It can describe a canvas, a mood, an emotion or well,  a color.  We know all of the obvious.  Red for anger, green for envy or jealous, black for death but also for chic, yellow for sunny and happy and white for pure.  But then there are the hundreds of shades in between which makes choices tricky.  More grey can change the color of green completely.

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CostcoRecently I went to Costco. I had gotten a deal on a membership so thought I would give it a shot.  Figured early Sunday morning would be my best bet as I don’t like crowds and wanted it to be as painless as possible.  I didn’t know what I would find there but always like looking.

Finding a parking space is like winning the lottery in a place that large but I happened to get lucky and found myself inside at the membership counter.  Usually there would be a line but today I walked right up to the counter.  The woman who helped me could not have been more helpful and friendly.  Well, I thought, this is pretty painless so far but was waiting for the ball to drop  once I got into the store.

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TransparencyI have to admit recently I have been struggling with my life and what I am planning to do.  I have gotten to an age where I have done one thing for a long time.  I am grateful for the places it has taken me and the opportunity to be creative.  It’s been a great way to make a very nice living.

I am looking for another outlet to keep me motivated and excited which will not replace the work I am doing but enhance it.  There’s only so many conversations you can have about the “business” and all the changes it is going through.  It is definitely not like it use to be in the way that it seemed more of a community.  I don’t think it is just in my business.  I think it is the world in general. A lot of times the conversations on sets are about the tax incentives and when or if the jobs will  come back to California.  People are hoping that this new bill will give California a chance to claim some of it’s glory and jobs back.

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